Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 17

Week 17:

Baby: The size of a white onion or turnip, about 5.1 inches and 5 ounces.

Weight: No change.

Maternity Clothes: I finally caved toward the end of this week and wore a few maternity items. I didn't technically need to, but they're soooo much more comfortable. Plus, I bought a couple of tops at Kohl's last week and I wanted to give them a try.

Boy or Girl: Four more weeks until we find out!

Cravings: Sort of. I didn't have any really crazy uncontrollable cravings, but I did get a taste for sauerkraut, which I haven't had in forever. (My Slow Cooker Sauerkraut Pork and Potatoes satisfied that craving nicely.) I also ate a lot of chocolate this week.

Aversions: Still avoiding most Mexican foods. I also ate very little fruit this week because I'm just tired of it leaving a weird taste in my mouth.

ExerciseLindsey Brin's Second Trimester Workout DVDthe What to Expect When You're Expecting DVD workouts, and lots of evening walks.

Symptoms: The bad taste in my mouth has gotten a lot better finally, which meant I could eat a lot more variety of foods. I had a lot of fatigue. The gagginess was better, but I had more heartburn. 

Anything Noteworthy: Still feeling little flutters and nudges that I think must be the baby! Also, I had one dream this week that we had a little girl...and then another that we had a little boy. So no real clues there, lol.

Also, you may notice I finally included a bump pic. I've been taking them pretty much every week since I found out I was pregnant actually. It's funny because I don't feel self-conscious about how I look in real life (the comment most people make is that I'm barely showing anyway) but I have felt super-weird and self-conscious about posting any of these pictures. So...go easy on me if you decide to comment, lol.

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  1. I remember vividly the first time that I felt my son kick. It was at 17 weeks! I may have had a few flutter here or there, but the first REAL and undeniable one was at 17 weeks.

    1. That's such an awesome memory! I've had a few stronger nudges that I'm pretty sure are the baby, but I can't wait for that first real kick!