Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 30

Week 30:

Baby: The size of a cabbage, about 15.7 inches long and 2.9 pounds. 

Weight: No gain this week, still a total of eight pounds.

Maternity Clothes: Yes!

Boy or Girl: Boy!

Belly Button In or Out: The top edge is starting to pop out a little, but I'm still doubting whether the whole thing is ever going to really pop.

Wedding Ring On or Off: On--still no swelling so far.

Cravings: Still eating a lot of chicken. Also craved spinach this week, both cooked and raw. Maybe I need some extra iron?

Aversions: Not really anything consistent anymore. Still have a hard time eating too many carbs unless it's really balanced out with enough protein. Didn't eat much fruit this week because it just didn't appeal to me.

Exercise: I did a lot better this week! I managed to work out at least a little bit six days, with one rest day. I think this made a HUGE difference in how I've been feeling. I had a lot less hip and lower back pain, more energy, and my mood was better too.

Symptoms: Insomnia. I've had a few nights here and there where I'd wake up a lot at night, but this week it was consistent. I'd go to bed, wake up around 2am and be wide awake until 4:30-5:30am. Not fun. I haven't found a solution for this yet and I'm thinking it may just be a third trimester symptom that I'm going to have to live with.

Baby's Movement: I'm feeling fewer kicks and more pushes. Sometimes it feels like he's trying to push himself out the front of my belly. It's a weird feeling, lol. He's getting a little more interactive too. Sometimes when he's moving a lot I'll press my fingertips gently into my belly and after a few minutes he'll start to push back. He even did this once with my husband and I was so glad he got to experience it! 

Anything Noteworthy: My baby shower!! I had so much fun and was so touched by how beautiful the decorations were and by all of the lovely and generous gifts we received. Honestly I could go on and on--it was one of the best days of my life, truly! We are so blessed to have such wonderful and supportive friends!

What to Look Forward to Next Week: Putting away the gifts we received and making the baby's room start to look a little more homey. My next prenatal visit. Also I finally ordered a glider and ottoman for the baby's room so maybe that will arrive and we can get it put together...

Did you suffer from insomnia while you were pregnant? Did you find anything that helped? I'd love to hear your tips!

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