Thursday, December 10, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 29

Week 29:

Baby: The size of a cauliflower, about 15.2 inches long and 2.5 pounds. 

Weight: No gain this week, still a total of eight pounds.

Maternity Clothes: Yes!

Boy or Girl: Boy!

Belly Button In or Out: the top edge is starting to pop out a little, but I'm still doubting whether the whole thing is ever going to really pop.

Wedding Ring On or Off: On--still no swelling so far.

Cravings: I had a sudden weird craving for sweet potatoes and canned green beans (specifically canned, even though I would usually buy fresh or frozen) for dinner one night so I went with it and we had them as sides with pork chops. Yum! 

Aversions: Not really anything consistent anymore. Still have a hard time eating too many carbs unless it's really balanced out with enough protein.

Exercise: Pretty meh this week. I definitely want to turn this around though! Now that it's getting colder out and I can't squeeze in as many walks outside, I want to make a priority of working out inside. I'm thinking it might be worth it to sleep a little less and get some exercise!

Symptoms: Still not much of an appetite and had a little of the dysgeusia (lingering bad taste in my mouth) this week. Had some lower back and hip pain, but this improved after a trip to my chiropractor. I had a hard time getting a good night's sleep this week too. I would wake up and need to use the bathroom and get a drink of water, and then a lot of times I'd also need a snack, and then I would just toss and turn and have a really hard time getting back to sleep. Part of this had to do with the hip pain making it difficult to get comfortable and part of is my mind working overtime. I'm hoping this is a phase that passes because I really need the sleep!

Baby's Movement: Lots of squirms and rolls and he seems to really like poking his feet directly up into my diaphragm. Sometimes I can't bend over at all with his feet like that, lol. I've noticed him having hiccups quite a bit now that he's bigger.

Anything Noteworthy: We had some company over the weekend, which was a lot of fun. My husband had a diaper party so we're starting our diaper stash, lol. My co-workers threw me a surprise baby shower too! So sweet of them!

What to Look Forward to Next Week: My shower!! (I'm so excited about this!)

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