Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nail Polishes for Spring

I feel a little silly writing this post because the truth is, I very seldom actually wear nail polish on my fingernails. I have a hard time finding the patience to sit and paint my nails and wait for them to dry. And even when I do, the polish usually ends up a chipped mess after the following day at work. I do, however, almost always have my toenails polished, even in the winter. I like change things up color-wise with the seasons, so here are my picks for the next few week leading up to summer:

Nail Polishes for Spring 2014 |
Revlon "Enchanting" | Revlon "Flirt" | Sally Hansen "Buttercup"
Essie "Pink Glove Service" | L'Oreal "Tangerine Crush"

Revlon "Enchanting" - A perfect blend of purple and pink, a lovely shade that reminds me of 2014's color of the year, Radiant Orchid. I got lots of compliments the first time I wore this.

Revlon "Flirt" - A lilac shade with a hint of violet shimmer to it, perfect for spring.

Sally Hansen "Buttercup" - Yellow is my favorite color and I love how this polish reminds me of sunshine. (Apparently this was a limited edition and it's now hard to find online. Other options would be Revlon "Zealous", Sally Hansen "Mellow Yellow", or Maybelline "Fierce N Tangy".)

Essie "Pink Glove Service" - If you prefer sheer nails, this one is really nice, with a nice hint of pink to it.

L'Oreal "Tangerine Crush" - This bright orange may be more of a summer color, but I'm wearing it for spring anyway. I love the cheery pop of color. (Apparently I really love it, because I recently realized that I own two other polishes that are almost exact matches. Oops.)

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