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Birchbox Review: May 2014

Chances are if you read any beauty blogs, you've heard of Birchbox, but just in case you haven't, here's a quick description: it's an online beauty retailer that also offers a monthly subscription service. Every month Birchbox mails subscribers a small box of about five samples to try. You can earn points by reviewing the items you receive and then use those points toward purchasing full-size products. For more detailed information, check out the FAQ section on their website.

Birchbox Review: May 2014 |

Birchbox Review: May 2014 |

Aside from being a subscriber/customer, I don't have any affiliation with Birchbox and I'm not receiving any compensation for writing this review or linking to them. I just always enjoy reading Birchbox reviews on other blogs and though it would be fun to give it a try myself. So here goes:

  • I have fair skin that burns and freckles easily, so I'm very conscious about wearing sun protection and I always appreciate trying new versions. The CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40 had a natural-looking tint for my skin tone and didn't feel heavy or greasy. 
  • When I saw the color of the LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil I received, I fully expected it not to work on me. Surprise, surprise--I actually love it. It's definitely more dramatic than what I normally wear, but that's what makes it so fun to wear. And this stuff is uh-mazing when it comes to being both moisturizing and lasting for hours. I'm plan on purchasing more shades for sure.
  • I could see a difference in my hair from the Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Volumizing Shampoo. I appreciated the added volume and I would consider purchasing this if it were in my price range. I also received the Number 4 Volumizing Condition, which for some reason isn't listed on my card, but I can't say that it stood out to me at all and there was barely enough in the sample to condition all my hair.
  • The texture of the Whish Crave Shaving Cream was so rich and creamy, unlike anything I've used for shaving before, and it smelled amazing. I had high hopes, but in the end I can't say that it seemed to make a huge difference for me as far as preventing irritation. 
  • I love the idea of the SmartyPants All-in-One Gummy Vitamins for Adults, but I wasn't impressed when I realized that each serving contains 8g of sugar. I think these would be great if you don't like to swallow pills, but hopefully they'll come up with a version that doesn't include so much added sugar. I'll keep taking my usual tablets in the meantime.

Are you a Birchbox member? If so, what did you think of your May box?

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