Friday, October 23, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 22 / Gender Reveal

Well, this was the big week. We had our second ultrasound and found out the gender of our baby. And the big news is...

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are super excited to meet our little man in a few months! Unfortunately, the only picture we brought home from the ultrasound was of the bottom of his foot. ... I know. I've never heard of anyone getting ONE picture from their gender ultrasound. Now to be fair, the little guy wouldn't turn around so we could see his face, so I knew we weren't getting any cute profile pictures or anything. But still. One picture? Of his foot? (Yes, I'm a little bitter about this.) My doctor did say she would save a bunch of the pictures she needed to scan into the computer, so we should get them at our next visit, but still. Of course, the important thing is that he looks happy and healthy and the doctor didn't see any problems, so I've been trying to just see the humor in the situation.

Anyways, now for the regular weekly update:

Week 22:

Baby: The size of a papaya, about 10.9 inches long and 15.2 ounces. Actually, according to the ultrasound he weighs one pound, one ounce.

Weight: Same as last week, one pound gained for pregnancy.

Maternity Clothes: Still wearing a few regular tops but mostly just wearing maternity these days.

Boy or Girl: Boy!

Cravings: Not really, I'm just enjoying having my appetite back and being able to eat lots of different foods.

Aversions: Still avoiding anything really spicy, tomato-based sauces, and garlic, and anything greasy/fried.

Exercise: I did a little better this week. I finally tried Tracy Anderson's Pregnancy Project (I did the Month 5 workout) and wow, was I sore afterwards! I mostly felt it in my sides and back, which I liked, because I want to keep my core strong.

Symptoms: Still tired, still running to the bathroom all the time. Also having some shortness of breath at times.

Anything Noteworthy: Finding out that our baby is a little boy! I went out and bought him his first little boy outfits. Also, my husband and I took a quick little mini-vacation over the weekend and did some hiking and relaxing. I don't think I realized how much I needed that, but it felt wonderful just to get away, even though it was such a short trip.

What to Look Forward to Next Week: Not much going on this week, but I want to start gathering some ideas for the little man's room and working on our registry.

Any advice out there from moms of boys? I'm an only child and the cousins closest to me in age growing up were all girls, so I have zero experience with little boys, lol. I'm looking forward to the adventure. :)


  1. Boys are the best! They are still dramatic (don't let anyone tell you only girls are dramatic) and it's so fun getting to play cars and trains with them. I only have a sister so I was scared when we found out we were having a boy. But he has been the best! Congrats!


  2. Lol, people do say that a lot about boys being easier because girls are dramatic--I'm glad to be forewarned it's not necessarily true. ;) I'm amazed at how quickly I've gotten used to the idea of having a boy and now it just seems inevitable and I'm looking forward to it so much! Thanks for sharing your experience!