Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 20

Week 20:

We've reached the halfway point!

Baby: The size of a banana, about 10 inches long and 10.6 ounces. Baby is starting to produce brown fat to keep him/her warm and the genitals are developed, making it possible to tell for sure if it's a boy or girl. (Unless your doctor is making you wait two more weeks, lol)

Weight: Up another pound or two, net weight gain of one pound for the pregnancy.

Maternity Clothes: Wearing a lot more maternity. I got tired of having waist bands cutting across my abdomen and need tops that are long enough to cover the belly panels of my maternity pants. So far my maternity clothes are all from Kohl's, Old Navy, and Target. Any other recommendations for cute, affordable maternity clothes I should check out? I tried Motherhood Maternity but I was pretty disappointed by them.

Boy or Girl: No idea!

Cravings: Not really. I've been eating lots of different things, which has been so nice after all those weeks of being limited to just a few foods.

Aversions: Still avoiding anything really spicy, tomato-based sauces, and garlic, and anything greasy/fried.

Exercise: Pretty pathetic, lol. I've been so tired and it got a lot colder outside, so I've been doing a lot of hibernating and not a lot of exercising. I need to get back to it though, I can tell I feel a lot better when I'm making time to stretch and move.

Symptoms: Fatigue has been my main symptom here lately. I know they say you're supposed to have more energy in the second trimester but I haven't really found that to be true. I do feel more energetic just because I'm not nauseated and miserable...but I could pretty much always be ready for a nap. Anytime, anywhere.

Anything Noteworthy: Lots and lots and lots more movement. A couple of times there have been kicks strong enough that I could see my belly move and in the last few days I can often feel the movement with my hand on my belly. We went to the symphony Saturday night and it was awesome! So glad we decided to go. It was some of my favorite music and hearing it live was wonderful. I found myself wondering if the baby could hear any of it.

What to Look Forward to Next Week: Not a lot going on this week. I'm going to (hopefully) have a little time on my hands to get some things done around here. Maybe I can finally clean out the closet in the baby's room, which majorly needs to be done. 

This is the last week before we find out whether we're having a boy or girl--anyone want to guess what it's going to be? I have absolutely no idea at this point and I can't wait to find out!

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